Start Earning as a Driver

Drive and earn with less stress or no stress.

Our drivers have the opportunity to experience working in a favourable environment with all colleagues. We provide the best cars and have a capable and always-available team of mechanics to fix any issue a car might have, to create an uninterrupted and smooth work environment for all our drivers.

Funacep Fleet Drivers Requirement

Below are the requirements to be a Funacep Fleet Driver
  • Complete and download the Driver’s Sign Up form.
  • Ensure you have a valid driving license.
  • Download and sign up on our Recommended Driver App.
  • Show up in person for your driver screening session.
  • Get verified – get a car and earn in your city.

In order to ensure a smooth screening sesssion, kindly remember to come along with your completed form and required documents as stated in the list of requirements. See you soon!

Make your trips with confidence

Make more money at every turn

One of the most important things to us is the safety of our drivers, which is why we have a free health insurance for them. Also, we have in-house mechanics who fix any faults the cars may have and ensure that they’re in good shape before they are driven.