How Funacep Fleet Management Partnership Works

Our job as a fleet management company is to oversee the affairs of the car(s) brought in by our partners, monitor the drivers and ensure constant delivery of payment to be made by each driver at the agreed time and date, to ensure that every partner gets the worth of their investment.

Our partners will benefit from a number of our incentives like:

  • We offer free tracking services for all our partners cars, these tracking system comes with a mobile app feature and enables FFM partners track their cars anytime; on-the-go.
  • Partners are paid upfront without any delay. Your weekly earning is guaranteed.
  • A partner has the opportunity to refer a driver and get an automatic 7% of the driver’s weekly delivery within the first four weeks of the driver’s work with the company and 5% within the next eight weeks.
  • Partners are free to retrieve their car(s) at anytime, subject to an early two weeks notice given to the company.
  • Free health insurance for any partner with a minimum of 5 cars in our company. This health insurance will cover cost of treatment for sickness and even medical conditions that may require operations outside the country, specifically in South Africa and India.

Funacep Competitive Advantage

Partner with us to gain a long-term competitive advantage in the cab market and enjoy great benefits.
  • The safety of our riders and drivers is of utmost primacy to us. This is why we have gone to great lengths to get insured tracking devices in all our cars, to monitor our drivers and prevent even the smallest incident.
  • Our drivers also undergo several screening tests to ascertain their driving and mental capabilities, as well as their personalities with other individuals, which inherently determines their behaviors and attitudes with riders.
  • Partners can recommend driver’s to the company and have access to monitor their cars and drivers performance, as well as pay.

About Co-partners

Experience A New Deal

Funacep Fleet Management offers Co-partnership deals, where interested partners can co-own a car with the company or with another partner. This is simply to make it easier for anyone to become a partner and become a boss of your own.


We are the smartest and safest transport Management Company you can invest in and partner with to become a boss of your own. One of the most interesting things is that you can also be a driver with us and be a partner at the same time.